Commercial Garage Door Companies in NJ

Purchasing a commercial garage door for your company is a big step towards protecting your business investment. The same follows for garage door repair. Just as you take your time in selecting a high-quality garage door for your workspace, you must ensure you get the best quality repair services on board for your commercial garage door installation and repair. This article talks in detail about the different types of commercial garage doors, the damages they can face, and some valuable tips and tricks on their installation and repair.

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors are nothing but garage doors for commercial facilities. They are different in terms of their functionality and material, depending upon the space they are installed within. Some common scenarios where they are used include office buildings, firehouses, grocery stores, distribution facilities, manufacturing facilities, dairies, transportation facilities, terminals, security complexes, community centers, laboratories, hospitals, schools, and more.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Typically, there are 7 types of commercial garage doors that are used in the market:

  • Overhead Garage Doors: Also called “Sectional Doors,” these doors are raised to the ceiling using tracks and rollers, remaining either vertical or parallel to the ceiling. They are very flexible in terms of the material they are made of, and the design used. They can easily be matched to the exteriors, and also have options for windows and insulated structures with many commercial overhead door repair experts providing repair services
  • Roll-Up Sheet Doors: Common with storage facilities and warehouses, they contain slats made out of steel rolls (or other metals), guided by roll-formed guides. You often see them at entries of many stores as well. They roll-up into a coil, when the store is open, until its time to pull them back down. This “roll” leaves open a lot of space from the ceiling to be used otherwise. Because of this space efficiency, it also looks more convenient and professional to many. They are also very secure, making them a favorite among many business owners
  • Fire-Rated Doors: These doors are common in facilities storing chemicals and other flammable objects. They are designed to contain the fire from spreading to the rest of the facility. Similar to roll-up doors in design and function, they are made out of fire-resistant materials, giving people time to protect their valuables and employees from harm. They can be raised and pulled down manually, or automatically, using smoke detectors. To install a fire-rated garage door in your facility, you have to abide by regulations regarding ratings and specifications, based on the building, functionality, and locality of your facility
  • High-Speed Doors: These are for the fast-paced businesses of the world, who want to minimize the amount of time spent on opening or closing garage doors. This is often used by businesses that want to moderate the temperature within their facilities, or prevent external forces of nature from entering their facilities, like laboratories, cold/hot supply chain facilities, research centers, hospitals, facilities with temperature-sensitive materials, etc.
  • Aluminium & Glass Doors: Very common with restaurants, service stations, etc., these doors provide a great, modern, and contemporary look that also showcases the exteriors. They are used by households who want an exterior space like a patio with their garage
  • Scissor Doors: They operate differently from other commercial garage doors, and move from left to right (or vice versa) and lock like the usual doors. They work best as a reinforcement for a standard garage door or as an outside entry door. You can imagine it as a variation of a sliding door.

Choosing a Commercial Garage Door

Which commercial garage door will fit best for your business depends not on one, but many factors:

  • Whether you open your garage door several times a day, or just once or twice, what kind of material you store in your garage, is it used for shielding the stored material or simply to close off the garage. Many such questions need to be addressed first to identify your commercial garage door requirement
  • If your clients see your garage door upon their visit to your company, you would want something that looks modern, professional, and attractive. This kind of door is an integral part of your facility’s external design, and you want it to be visually appealing
  • Commercial facilities often have many local building codes set for the design, construction, and maintenance of the structure. A garage door must also meet these codes to abide by the regulations
  • Finally, your budget also dictates your garage door choices. Financial decisions are a large part of the final decision. You must pay close attention to the price differences for each design and type of garage door.
  • Availability, quality, and affordability of commercial garage door repair services is also an important factor in the buying decision of a commercial garage door.

Garage Door Maintenance & Repair Tips

  • Quality Products: We cannot stress enough on the importance of choosing quality products for your commercial garage door installation. Using quality springs, pulleys, openers, and rollers increase the life of your garage door system and increase the returns from your business investment
  • Lubricate Moving Parts: A garage door system is composed of several moving parts, which are prone to damage from rust, dirt agents, wear and tear, etc. Regularly lubricating these components help reduce the stress on them and prolongs their life. Follow this twice a year, every year
  • Check Doors Balance: A common sign of damage in a garage door is within the spring system, which controls the opening and closing of the door. In case of such a damage, you would notice the door going off balance, getting jammed, or its parts hanging loosely. Look for a commercial garage door repair near me and deal with the problem
  • Keep the Tracks and Rollers Clean: A business where the garage door opens and closes several times a day, any obstruction in the roller tracks would result in a loss to the business. Ensure that these tracks and clean, and clear of any obstructions
  • Timely replacements: Many garage door parts need regular replacement. These components, like garage door springs, hinges, etc. are prone to damage with time, and can come in the way of its safety and functionality, if not replaced in time
  • Check the Electric Systems Regularly: Ensure that your garage door system, including sensors, automatic openers, alarms, etc. are intact to prevent any accidents
  • Check Weather Seals: Commercial garage doors protect materials crucial to any business. Some of these materials are also sensitive in nature, and cannot be exposed to any external interference. Ensuring that your insulation system, water control systems, and others are intact, and in good health, to ensure your goods are safe

Tips on Choosing a Commercial Garage Door Expert

Choosing a garage door repair expert can be as tricky as choosing the garage door. You cannot pick the first name that comes across; the company has to meet your requirements – both technical and financial. Our best tips for the same are:

  • Check online information thoroughly, including website content, brochures, customer reviews, etc. If these reviews match with your needs and guarantee value for money, go ahead with the option
  • Although each client has different needs and expectations when it comes to repairing services, an expert that is recommended by most is often trustworthy. Ask your neighbors, clients and other stakeholders for recommendations
  • The terms and benefits that a company offers also tell a lot about their business. Impossible benefits or lax licensing and insurance terms are both signs of trouble. Choose a company that offers licensed and insured services at the best possible price
  • The final decision is often made by actual interaction. Speak to the company personnel or the repairman, explain your concerns, and gauge how well your questions were addressed. This would help you make an informed decision.

Precision Commercial Garage Doors and Repairs

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