Garage Cable Repair

Garage Cable Repair

Garage door at home will be the single largest moving part that you have in the entire home. You would use the garage door multiple times a day. Even if you purchase the best quality garage door, you will have to experience problems in it. The garage door cable problems hold a prominent place out of them.

If the garage door cables are malfunctioning, you will have to deal with a frustrating situation. That’s because you cannot take your car out to get to work. In such a situation, you should contact us. If you have time, it is worthy to learn more about garage door cable repair and figure out what you are getting along with the repair service.

Different parts of a garage door system

There are numerous parts available in a garage door system. That’s why the entire system would usually weigh around 400 pounds. If there is something wrong with the garage door, you will come across difficulties while trying to move it. Some of the components in the garage door system that deliver support and assistance to you with moving the garage door system include cable drums, large torsion springs, extension springs and garage door cables.

One or more of these parts can suddenly fail. As a result, your garage door will not move or you will come across difficulties in moving it. In such a situation, you will have to get the garage door replaced or repaired.

Some of the garage door issues are easy to fix and you will be able to go ahead with the fixes without keeping a doubt in mind. This is where you can think about seeking the assistance of an expert garage door repair company like us. We have skilled and highly trained professionals, who will diagnose the issue with your garage door and help you with getting that fixed.

Garage door cables

Based on our experience with garage door repairs, we often see how lots of people run into troubles in their garage door cables. In every garage door, you can find cables. These cables are positioned on the sides of garage door. You will be able to use these garage door cables along with extension springs and torsion springs. Along with that, you will be able to move the garage door up and down in a smooth manner

However, these garage door cables are subjected to wear and tear as well. In case if a garage door cable breaks, additional stress will be exerted upon the other cable. It will not take a long time for the other cable to fail functioning.

All the garage door cables are attached to the part that you have at the bottom of the garage door. There are cable drums, which are located at either ends of the torsion spring. Torsion spring will turn the drums when you are opening a garage door. As a result, the cable will wrap around the drum. When you are closing the garage door, you will notice how the cable is unwrapping around the drum. Once you lower the garage door, the spring will wind up. This will be able to deliver support needed to move the overall weight of a garage door.

As mentioned earlier, if a cable in your garage door breaks, you will not see how your garage door is lifting evenly. It will put a lot of strain on the other cable, rollers, tracks and the entire garage door. This will put a lot of pressure to the torsion springs. In such a situation, you should go ahead with garage door cable repair.

Minor issues in garage door cables can be repaired. But if the cable is beyond repair, it is a must to get that replaced from the support offered by a professional service provider like us.

Important role played by garage door cables

Garage door cables are present to ensure the overall safety of your garage door. In fact, these cables are capable of delivering much-needed safety to your garage door. They will also offer tension needed by the garage door to open and closed based on your needs.

Even though the garage door cables are designed to deliver such an outstanding functionality, they will be worn out along with continuous use. In fact, the garage door cables are manufactured to be used for a certain number of opening cycles. After that, the cables would fail and break.

You shouldn’t live with worn out garage door cables as well. That’s because such worn out garage door cables can lead you to safety issues. For example, there is a high possibility for the garage door to snap. Along with that, your garage door will be equipped with a massive force, which can cause a lot of damage. For example, it is powerful enough to create a big dent in your car. If you or one of your loved family members stay under the garage door, it can cause serious injuries. The garage door cable is there to ensure the safety of your garage door during such a failure of the springs. This is why you should regularly inspect the garage door cable and make sure that you are getting that replaced in a timely manner.

Can you repair the garage door cable on your own?

Some people wonder whether there is any possibility to get the garage door cable repaired on their own. It is true that garage door cable replacement is something that you can do on your own. However, you are never encouraged to attempt doing that. That’s because you will need to have expertise and relevant tools to get the job done while ensuring perfect results. If you are not confident on how to get the garage cable repair done, you will end up with causing more damages. Hence, you will have to spend more money to get the repairs to your garage door. In certain instances, you might be forced to go ahead with expensive garage door replacements.

Replacing the broken garage door cable

We are fully aware of the correct procedure that should be followed at the time of replacing a broken garage door cable. Our team will adhere to it and provide you with the support needed to get your repair done. You can trust on our expertise and we make sure that we will never disappoint you.

Before removing a broken cable in the garage door, it is essential to put the garage door to open position. Along with that, the garage door should be locked. You can easily do this by attaching vice grips to the track that is located right under the bottom of the garage door bottom roller. This will keep the garage door away from moving.

Upon securing the garage door, we will proceed with cable repair. To begin that, we will remove the broken cable from bottom of your garage door. We will also do that from the drum. If the cable can be repaired, our team will use it. But if the cable is heavily worn out, we will be able to deliver support with getting that replaced.

In some of the instances, we see how the new cables we have along with us don’t match with the old cable that you have. In such a situation, we will remove both cables that are located in either sides of the garage door. Then you will be able to ensure proper functionality of the garage door.

Even though this sounds like a process that you can go through on your own, it is important to seek the assistance of an expert as you will need to have hands on experience and correct tools to get the job done. If you don’t have any replacement cables, you will need to shop for them separately. This is where you should shop for the best matching garage door replacement cables.

If you don’t want to go through all that trouble, you can contact us. We offer comprehensive repair services with garage door cables.

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Our team has been replacing and repairing garage door cables for many years. Hence, our teams have experience in dealing with all different types of garage door cables out there. Along with this experience, we can deliver a quick and trouble free solution to you with getting the garage door cables repaired or replaced.

You can expect us to deliver an immediate solution to you with repairing the broken garage door. That’s because our service trucks are fully equipped with all the tools that are needed to disassemble the garage doors and garage door cables. Hence, we will be able to deliver a same day service to all the people who have needs with related to garage door repair.

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