If your garage door is not working properly, it is very important that you have it looked at and fixed immediately. GARAGE DOOR REPAIR & INSTALL services from prestige garage doors have been called the best in the region, and that is why serve more than hundreds of customers every week. You keep one of the most expensive things that you own, that is, your car or your bike in your garage. It is important that this mechanical machine be safe at all times We all know that once something like a car or bike is stolen, it is very difficult to get it back.

Prevention is better than cure, and that is why GARAGE DOOR REPAIR & INSTALL services from prestige garage doors are the first thing that should be on your mind when you know that your garage door is not working as it should be.

Garage Door Repair

Our technicians have decades worth of experience when it comes to repairing as well as installing new garage doors. In many cases, our technicians have been able to diagnose the problem without having to strip down the entire mechanism of the garage door. We have also worked with the latest garage doors that are controlled by wireless keys called clickers as well as with RFID tag-based opening.  Garage Door Repair Service from prestige is your one-stop solution for all problems related to your garage doors in your home as well as your office building.

Many of the common repairs that we do are completed in just a few hours or within the day. Prestige garage doors also have a specialised motor vehicle that is able to carry all of our tools so that we can do all the work on-site.

Garage Door Installation

Many people have been using the same garage door for decades now. Just like all pieces of hardware, garage doors are also prone to wear and tear, and after a few decades, it might be time to change your garage door. Many people also want to upgrade their garage doors so that they can open and close them with ease via Bluetooth and other means. People like this usually give us a call for our famous and trusted Garage Door Installation Service.

We are a company that is fully licenced, and all our work is thoroughly checked by our expert engineers for quality and security. Once you have us install a new garage door for your home or get an upgrade on your existing garage door you can be 100% assured that the door will function as it is intended for years to come. We have not received any complaints till date about our work on the GARAGE DOOR REPAIR & INSTALL Services that we provide to our esteemed customers.


One fundamental thing that you have to understand is that as much as you use something, it breaks down just as fast. The same can be said for garage doors, with daily use, it is bound to have some wear and tear, and you may need to perform regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. With garage doors, even the opposite is true. Even if you don’t use the door for a long time, it is bound to jam up, and you will need to call an expert like us to get it working again.

Same Day Garage Door Spring Repair

Springs are what hold your garage doors in place. They are a major part of the garage door assembly. The springs that are used in garage doors see the most action as you open and close your garage door. If your garage door is jamming in a certain place or is not opening or closing properly, it is time to call us for the same-day Garage Door Spring Repair service that we offer.

We check all the springs for integrity and lubricate them. If required we may also ask you to get the springs changed in accordance with loads of the garage door as well as the wear and tear on the spring.

The Dangers of Installing Garage Door Springs Yourself

Garage door springs, especially ones that are required for Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair are difficult to install. They must be done with a high level of precision. We have seen garage doors fall from the roof because some owners removed the springs to replace them and they didn’t do it properly. To avoid loss of life and loss of property, it is highly recommended that you call us for all your Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair requirements.

Fully Stocked Work Trucks – With ALL Garage Door Springs:

There are many types of springs that are used in a single garage door. It is important to have all the springs inspected for wear and tear. Our trucks always carry all the tools required as well as enough number of springs for Garage Door Extension Spring Repair needs. This helps us save time on working on your door and reduces the need for going back to the store to get parts for your door.

Licensed & Insured:

Prestige garage doors are one of the very few companies that is licensed and insured and operates in the NJ area. Our clients have praised us for our courteous as well as affordable service. The repairs that we do have a high level of quality and they will not have to be repaired again. We also offer periodic maintenance of your garage doors so that they are in good shape always.

Our Garage Door Extension Spring Repair has helped many houses in terms of increased security. They are primed to optimum efficiency, and they do not fail whatsoever. The spare parts that we use for our service are also of very high quality and are sometimes even better than the ones that come with a new garage door unit. If you want reliable garage door service in the NJ area, you should definitely choose prestige garage door service.

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