Garage Spring Replacement

Garage Spring Replacement

Garage door springs contribute a lot towards the overall functionality of your garage door. However, these springs are subjected to wear and tear along with time. That’s where you will run into problems with the garage door springs.

Garage door spring repairs are one of the most common types of repairs that garage door owners go ahead with. This is not just because the garage door springs are made out of low quality materials. These springs play a vital role behind the functionality of your garage doors. When you are opening and closing the garage door multiple times a day, your garage door springs will be used. This will reduce the lifetime of the garage door springs and you will run into repairs.

Once you come across a problem with the garage door springs, you don’t need to worry about anything because you just need to follow some simple steps to get that fixed. Even though the replacement is simple, it is hazardous. Hence, you shouldn’t attempt to get the repair job done on your own. We can help you with that. All you have to do is to give us a call.

Different types of garage door springs

There are two main types of springs used in the garage doors. Your garage door is having one out of these two types of springs.

– Extension springs

Extension springs of a garage door are usually located on top of the upper horizontal tracks. You can find these springs on both sides of the garage door. It is even possible to call these as the most common type of spring that you can find in residential garage doors.

The extension springs will be extended to help you with opening and closing garage doors. Along with that extension, the garage door will be provided with a counterbalancing force. This force can deliver all the support needed by the garage door. If you can apply more force on the extension springs, you will be able to get them to expand more. It is also important to note that the extension springs should be paired along with safety cables to ensure proper functionality.

The safety cables linked with your extension springs are capable of preventing the spring to become a projectile when there is a failure in the bottom bracket or in the spring itself. This can happen when you keep the garage door open, closed or while it is in motion. Hence, you should be mindful about proper functionality of safety cables used along with the garage door extension springs and their functionality.

– Torsion springs

Torsion springs are the second type of spring that you can find in garage doors. These springs are using torque in order to open and close garage doors. Hence, the torsion springs are located on top of the opening of your garage door. These springs will twist a coil slowly when they are being used.

You will be able to receive a variety of options along with garage door torsion springs. In fact, they are offered in many different lengths and sizes. The type of torsion springs used on the garage door would vary based on the height, weight, track radius and many other features of the garage door.

Other important components in a garage door

Apart from above-mentioned key components, you can discover few other essential parts that are paired with them. They will contribute towards the proper functionality offered out of garage door springs. Following are the most prominent components that you can find within a garage door spring system

– Safety cables

All the garage door springs come along with safety cables. The safety cable spans throughout the length of garage door spring. Main reason behind the presence of these safety cables is to protect loose ends in the garage door from causing injury or damage. If your garage doors are having extension springs, you should pay special attention towards these safety cables. In fact, you need to make sure that the cables are in proper condition. Otherwise, you cannot get intended functionality out of the garage doors.

– Safety T-bracket

Even it is said that garage door spring repairs are hazardous, there are few adventurous people who attempt to get the repairs done on their own. The garage door manufacturers are concerned about this. That’s why they pair safe T-brackets along with the garage door springs. The safe t-brackets can deliver additional protection to the people who attempt to repair garage door springs on their own. You can find these safety brackets linked with the brackets of your springs.

Garage door springs safety

The springs that you have in the garage door are tightly wound. In other words, the garage door springs are continuously subjected to tension. Hence, it is important to be careful when dealing with these springs. Some of the people tend to get these garage door springs repaired or replaced on their own. They don’t know that the springs are tightly wound. Hence, they end up with accidents, which can lead them to serious injuries. That’s why you shouldn’t even attempt to deal with the broken springs of your garage door.

But if you can hear a light squeak from the garage door springs, you don’t need to worry too much about it because you can get that fixed on your own. All you have to do is to apply some door lubricant oil on the garage door springs. Then you will not hear the squeaking sound that comes out of the garage door spring.

What to do if your garage door springs are out of balance?

If your garage door is functioning properly, you will notice that it opens and closes quietly and smoothly. But when the garage door stops functioning like that, you need to understand that you are dealing with a serious problem. This is where you can think about operating the garage door manually. In order to do that, you just need to pull the cord that is attached to the arm of your garage door. This arm will trigger rail trolley system associated with the garage door. You need to check and see whether it is still difficult for you to open and close the garage door. If that happens, you need to learn that the springs of your garage door are out of balance.

Repairing the springs that are out of balance is not something that you can do as well. You will need to get in touch with us and seek our expert assistance to get the repairs done. That’s because we will help you to restore proper balance of your garage door springs.

Problems with garage door spring brackets

The springs in your garage door are connected to spring brackets. Problems can arise in these spring brackets as well. When you encounter such problems, you will need to get in touch with us.

The garage door spring brackets are located at the bottom of your garage door. These brackets are also subjected to lots of tension. Hence, these brackets must be adjusted by a professional. If you have a relatively new garage door installed at home, you might be able to find tamper resistant brackets installed in it. They can deliver enhanced protection to a person who is curious to get the problem fixed on their own. In fact, this is a feature available to further enhance safety of people who own garage doors.

We can help you with repairing issues in both extension springs and torsion springs

Regardless of the type of spring that you have in the broken garage door, we will be able to deliver support and assistance in getting that repaired. All you have to do is to contact us and let us know about the issue. Then we will come to your place and deliver the repair. Even if you are not aware about what type of springs you have, just calling us would be more than enough. We will come to your location and deliver the support you need with getting the spring repair done.

If there is a broken spring in your garage door, you shouldn’t attempt to get the repairing done on your own. That’s because repairing garage door springs can be hazardous and it can lead you to danger. Hence, make sure that you always contact an expert like us and get the repair you need.

Along with garage door spring repairs, we will share some valuable tips with you on how to take good care of your garage door. You can adhere to the tips that we share and enhance the longevity of the garage door springs. In other words, we will share how to take good care of the garage door springs, so that you will not run into any problems with them on a regular basis. We will even replace the broken garage door springs with best quality products to deliver utmost durability to you. Hence, you can keep the peace of mind while contacting us to get your spring repairs done.

Call us now and let’s schedule a visit to come to your place and assist you with garage door spring repairs!