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Almost 80% of the American households have a Garage Door installed because in a way it completes a home.

A Garage Door’s existence goes way beyond what we can think of; it took recurring evolution in America since the 1900s and hence, garage door installation Newark NJ became an integral part of the Households who don’t possess it.

A Garage Door’s basic utility is to store goods according to your needs under your room’s capacity.

Until few decades ago, a Garage Door and garage door installation was limited to its basic utility but now it has been a gradual upward curve in its demanded due to these key factors:

  • Convenience:it has been updated to perform its function of opening and closing without even touching the button manually but through new technologies like NFC, Wi-Fi and even Mobile Bluetooth connections. It connects with your devices and automatically takes notice of you being present there and opens itself.
  • Style Factor:it has been contributing to the American home’s style factor in a way which only people from there can figure out. People are spending extra bucks to get their doors made from a specific wood material for a certain texture or feel, they are specific on the lights by the garage door as well. They want their  doorcustomized to make them look as unique as possible.
  • Utility:it has recently been turned into an entrance gate, storage unit, weekend selling stall and even for keeping livestock; for a couple of people, they don’t mind using it as another exit door as well because they’ve maintained their space so well.
  • Advancements:it is being developed slowly into a multi utility tool because the manufacturers have noticed the varied utility factors, they have come up with smart garage doors, Insulated  doors and Solar powered  doors. People are coming out with uses of it which were not quite apt a while ago but as they have been tried out by other people, they are gaining low key popularity.

A garage door looks like a simple door but due to these advancements, its nature has evolved into doing even diverse functions which happen inside its machine, without any doubt.

Now, whenever someone gets a garage door from the market or through any online retailer, the first fleeting thought which comes into anyone’s head is to install it themselves because:

it is just a  door! Right?

What possibly could go wrong, when yesterday you made a queen sized bed yourself!


Although, even after this plethora of success and advancements, garage doors are the most common to break down in the middle of their operations due to incorrect installment process or some internal fault which only trained electricians or experts can define.

People think that they need no one for the garage door installation but then regret it because they forgot a few screws here and there busy thinking about maybe doing something else, while doing the job.

It results in complete chaos because now as the garage door isn’t working but halfway through covering the way, you might not be able to take their cars out from their own place dialing the manufacturer’s number to file a complaint for the product rather than asking for assistance.

When such a basic utility falls down, it really annoys the user on so many levels and they want to get it fixed as soon as possible because no one wants to miss their meeting, miss that university lecture or to take their horse for a ride by the farm.

It may  looks a sheer simple machine but it is much more complex from the inside.

Several people take chance of getting and installing it on their own going through these :

  • Blogs.
  • Do-it-Yourself Articles.
  • User Manuals.
  • Youtube Tutorials.

It is no doubt that some people get through the written material and the whole process of a garage door installation meticulously. But you cannot be sure whether you are the one or not. You cannot be risking your head or yourself because you would like to do a garage door installation Newark NJ, you probably don’t know anything about.

I am afraid to dampen your enthusiasm but garage door installation Newark NJ needs someone who knows how to get the job done or has a good experience of doing the task before. If not done right, it can lead to serious injury. The men who do this job have people around them to help with the things they don’t have any expertise in so that you, at the end of the day don’t end up facing any facade post garage door installation Newark NJ.

It can mildly break your heart knowing that why can’t you do the job when you have seen so many tutorials and you know so much about installing a garage door, perhaps you have turned into a better technician than the trained people whose job is to perform garage door installation Newark NJ.

The companies like Prestige garage doors who are involved in garage doors are having trained experts who know the nature of every aspect of a garage door.

We will not only get the job done but post doing it, they will teach you all the things regarding it. Its functions, uses, and what you do in case it breaks down due to some reason which you will probably not be able to. No matter how much theoretical knowledge you might have about a garage door if you want to get a garage door repair Newark NJ or simply want garage door installation you need to reach out to the professionals like us, a trained person always has that knack of experience which will save you a lot of money and time.

Why chose Prestige garage doors?

Prestige garage doors unlike any other garage door installation Newark NJ company have peculiar knowledge about climate, weather, material and installation process and durability of your garage doors. We have a specialized team of expert who have been working on garage door installation in Newark NJ since ages. We not only work on your installation and repair but we also sought to give you advice for the best fit in your scenario whether it can be material or mechanism, we use specialized high tech soft wares and quality material to suggest you best possible choice for your garage. Here are some key points why you should choose us:

  • We are backed by license and insurance.
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  • One free repairing service in the product warranty period
  • We have different types of applications software which provide 3d visuals and previews which help you in deciding which one to go for.x